Juan josé hidalgo javier hidalgo

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Juan josé hidalgo javier hidalgo

Javier hidalgo – i love you (#enelúltimomes)

The move was already a hard blow for Hidalgo, who saw how a millionaire operation was reduced to half. In addition, on the other hand, its agency division (Halcón Viajes) also requested and was granted a 320 million bailout together with Ávoris to materialize its merger. Its empire, little by little, was fading away.
Many of those professionals who negotiated are no longer there. They jumped ship, especially in Globalia, in the face of the group’s drift. Others are holding on, in the midst of an ERTE, and with their future increasingly in the air; but they are keeping their heads up despite the fact that silence does not help Air Europa and its destiny either. Perhaps they do it more out of loyalty to the Hidalgo family than out of confidence in the viability of the business.
Then came a coach, a fleet of coaches, the first Halcón office (1972), an airline (Air Europa), a tour operator (Travelplan) and the rest of the Globalia group, which includes a railway company, a hotel company, a handling company…
A failed plan only surpassed by the attempt to enter the railway liberalization process in consortium with Talgo and the Trilantic fund. Here Globalia failed in its attempt. Paradoxically, it did so in November 2019, when it put Air Europa up for sale and closed the merger of its agency division.

Interview with pepe hidalgo, president of air europa in el sol de la sol

Hidalgo’s exit, advanced by ‘Expansión’ and ‘VozPópuli’, comes after the Government’s bailouts to the tourist group and after going through a hard stage with the business resented by the tourism crisis caused by the coronavirus.
The first to go on sale was the airline Air Europa, which will finally become part of International Airlines Group (IAG), the holding company led by Iberia. The deal, which was delayed as a result of the pandemic, finally materialized at €500 million, half of the money which had been agreed by the two parties in November 2019.
The executive also succeeded in getting SEPI to grant another rescue for the amount of 320 Million Euros for Ávoris Corporación Empresarial, a company resulting from the integration of the Barceló and Globalia groups.
The agreement which authorized the temporary financial support to Ávoris includes several conditions, among them the appointment by the Fund’s Management Board of an observer with voice but no vote in the Board of Directors, as well as the setting up of a viability plan monitoring committee.

Iberia’s president, javier sánchez-prieto.

All these companies are embarked in merger or sale processes and Hidalgo’s resignation comes after the sale of Air Europa to IAG (owner of Iberia) and the merger of the rest with the agencies of the Barceló group.
In January 2019 Javier Hidalgo, increased his share capital in Globalia to 17%, after acquiring an additional 7% from Unicaja.The founder’s son became already in July 2018 the second largest shareholder of Globalia (10%), behind his father Juan José Hidalgo, the Salamanca businessman who founded the tourism group and of which he is the current president, who controls 51%.

Allegedly vanesa – short

Javier Hidalgo, son of Juan José Hidalgo, the founder of Globalia, has resigned as CEO of the group that owns the Air Europa airline, the Halcón Viajes and Viajes Ecuador travel agencies and the Be Live hotels, among other brands of the group that is in the midst of disintegration.
All these companies are in merger or sale processes and Hidalgo’s resignation comes after the sale of Air Europa to the IAG group (the conglomerate that owns Iberia, among other airlines) and the merger of the Hidalgo’s travel division with that of the Barceló group, which has resulted in Ávoris Corporación Empresarial.
The exit of Hidalgo, advanced yesterday by Vozpópuli, Expansión and other media, takes place after months in which the business has collapsed due to the crisis. Globalia declined to make any statements on the matter. Nor were the workers informed of the departure of their CEO during the course of the day.
The announcement of his resignation comes after the sale to Iberia of Air Europa, which has always been the jewel in the crown of Globalia. The arrival of the pandemic, as with other airlines and companies in the tourism sector, left it in a very complicated situation, which prevented the transaction from being carried out under the agreed conditions. In order for the agreement to materialize, the 475 million euros of aid obtained by Air Europa from the rescue fund for solvent strategic companies affected by the pandemic, managed by the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (Sepi), were necessary.

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