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Digital newspapers

Its philosophy is clear, to provide the user with the covers of all those national and international newspapers that are of interest, as high quality images. Currently has a database of more than 950 newspapers, sure you have your favorite newspapers. It has taken the concept of its successful website «» to an App with practically the same functionalities. As soon as the front page of each newspaper is available on the web, we will have our front page on the Smartphone, otherwise you will have the front page of the previous day and it will show a sign, «yesterday».

Spanish newspapers

The workers involved in the construction of the UPM II plant approved by a large majority the pre-agreement of a new internal collective bargaining agreement which includes, among other benefits, an economic award for the progress of the work.
The UTU Officers Association (AFUTU) resolved to paralyze its activities on Friday October 15 and Saturday October 16, because UTU’s Management denied them the possibility of participating in the union’s National Congress. The secretary…
Senator José Carlos Mahía (Asamblea Uruguay – Frente Amplio) denounced that as of October 12, 2021, «in Secondary Education there are still 4,547 hours of unassigned classes, that is to say that there are thousands of students who do not have their subjects and…
Driving a car requires an optimal state of health and, therefore, a general examination before getting behind the wheel is not only a requirement but also certainly responsible. We tell you how to take it quickly and easily at an authorized center.

Madrid newspapers

Society Fight against gender violence and conciliation, main items of Equality Marisa Kohan The budgets for Equality grow more than 14% with respect to those of 2021. The fulfillment of the State pact against gender violence and the Corresponsables plan, monopolize most of the budget of this ministry for 2022.
Politics The funds for Ecological Transition fall by 27% in the 2022 budgets Alejandro Tena Teresa Ribera’s portfolio will have a lower budget item than in 2021 due to the fact that European funds will be distributed more among other ministries such as Industry or Transport.
Economy The Royal House maintains its budget of 8.43 million euros in 2022 Agencies The PNV asks in Congress to disclose «the relationship and detail of the execution of the budget items of each of the ministries that have funds to the Royal House».
Interview Noemí Casquet: «We fuck without looking each other in the eyes because we are afraid of emotions» Juan Losa Noemí Casquet (Sabadell, 1992) divulges with carrots, cucumbers and papayas. And no, she is not dedicated to horticulture. Her field is sexuality, a branch of divulgation that has to deal day in and day out with censorship in social networks. His video tutorials, uninhibited and fresh as the vegetables he uses to elude the Inquisition 2.0, are followed by more than two million profiles on Instagram.

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