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My sisters and our children love «pollo mareado». That’s what my mother calls the chicken sold in rotisseries for home consumption. I’ve always preferred to prepare it at home, so I hadn’t paid much attention to Le Coq, a gourmet chicken rotisserie. A few days ago I met a friend for a drink and we went to the terrace of the one in Príncipe de Vergara and I really liked what we had.
The restaurant in Príncipe de Vergara is not very big. The walls are dominated by their logo and a painting of a big rooster. The furniture is dark wood and the chairs are leather. On the sidewalk they have a nice terrace, all glazed, with tables and low chairs. I find it ideal for cold and sunny days.

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The menu, in an informal style, imitating a map, as an allusion to the international style of the restaurant, shows the chicken in its different forms as the central axis and cooked in the most disparate ways. In addition, we have other meats, where we see the hamburger and the occasional salad. The prices are more than attractive, which, added to the variety of dishes, makes it very difficult to choose what we are going to eat.
To start, we tried some mini chicken satay skewers that we fell in love with. We don’t know if it’s because of the peanut butter or the touch of Parmesan cheese, but every bite was an incredible gastronomic orgasm. In addition, the meat is just right, juicy and not dry at all. A dish to order by the kilo.
With this high, we get the burger and as you can imagine, at first sight it leaves us a little cold. The bread is from a bag, although it is very well toasted and inside we find a meat like a supplier. It is tasty, but we miss a more homemade touch. But what kills us is the ketchuo included, as if trying to disguise a flavor that we found pleasant at all times.

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Le Coq has a very clear objective: to turn everything you know about neighborhood rotisseries upside down and introduce you to a new concept of delicatessen grilled chicken. Forget the smell of grease and let yourself be seduced by the aroma of fresh, healthy and tasty chicken.
Le Coq is different from anything we have seen so far. For starters, its cuisine claims the natural and healthy. Therefore, each chicken is marinated for the right amount of time and then toasted in an organic charcoal that personalizes and intensifies the flavor of each dish.
The menu combines the classic offer of a traditional steakhouse with modern proposals of Latin and tropical inspiration. The secret is in the spices, which are the true protagonists in Le Coq’s cuisine.

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«We never did it, although we were born with that vocation. When I saw all the treatment and the process we had, I decided that we had to take good care of it. I’m not going to franchise something so sensitive, because they are not screws,» he says.
«We could only grow hand in hand with these operators, we would not have the capacity to dedicate ourselves to anything else but selling chicken. If I had to control this, it would be impossible», assumes the founder of the chain, who recognizes that the information offered by these applications on the type of consumer or the hours in which orders are concentrated is very valuable.

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