Pans and company a domicilio

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Pans and company a domicilio

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Sartenes Y Compania LtdaShare this pageIdentifying summary Sartenes Y Compania Ltda:The company Sartenes Y Compania Ltda is located in the town of BOGOTA, in the department of BOGOTA. The registered office of this company is CALLE 159 A 91 04, BOGOTA, BOGOTA. The legal form of Sartenes Y Compania Ltda is SOCIEDAD LIMITADA and its main activity is «Other prepared food vending n c p». If you are interested in knowing more information about the company Sartenes Y Compania Ltda, you can immediately access the Extended Report and consult the administrators, the publications of this company, as well as all the financial indicators, its balance sheets and available income statements. Access the Extended Report of Sartenes Y Compania Ltda from here.

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Generating enthusiasm and loyalty is one of the most effective strategies for healthy business sales. And to achieve this, you not only have to inform potential customers about the advantages of a product and service: you have to make them fall in love with it. That is the formula of Royal Prestige, a brand of pots, pans, utensils and kitchen accessories that offers a business opportunity through a sales and representation scheme.
In the short time he has been working with the firm, his sales skills are surprising. In six and a half months, her total sales amount reached just over $600,000 and a portfolio of about 50 clients. «During my first month I achieved sales of up to $80,000, with approximately six buyers,» Elba recalls.
At every meeting, the entrepreneur emphasizes the importance of taking care of one’s own and the family’s health. «I encourage a spirit of nutritional responsibility that demonstrates why we are a better choice,» she explains. Her speech touches the most sensitive fibers of the Mexican people: «Obesity in our country and the daily intoxication through traditional kitchen tools are enough arguments for people to decide to buy our batteries and accessories».


Looking for induction skillets for your cooktop? Don’t worry, you need a non-stick pan to avoid burning your signature dish? Okay. Want a cast iron skillet to use on both the stovetop and in the oven for your Sunday best roast? Done.
Saucepan, skillet, sauté pan, wok, frying pan, grill pan, etc. The list goes on. It can be hard to know which utensil to choose and when to use it. Let us guide you through the world of frying pans and tell you which four are the most commonly used.
This is the classic utensil that almost everyone has at home. You can use it for frying, browning, heating or whatever you need. It has a wide base to distribute the heat evenly, so food won’t burn or stick. It’s impossible not to get it right with a frying pan.

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The kitchen has become the most important space in our home, where utensils and others play an important role when cooking to share delicious and exquisite recipes with friends and family. That is why it is necessary that you adapt this space with the best brands that Pepe Ganga offers you in a wide portfolio of products.
All these and many more functions, with resistant and quality materials, you will find it here in the different products we have for you. Dare to enjoy wonderful dinners with your loved ones without having to worry or worry about your food sticking.

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