Pans and company badajoz

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Pans and company badajoz

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ARABA-ÁLAVA- FERRETERIA HERGA. Juntas Generales, 25. Vitoria-Gasteiz.- IZQUIERDO VITORIA, S.L. Portal de Arriaga, 23-25.  Vitoria-Gasteiz – FERRETERÍA JESUS. Heraclio Fournier, 25. Vitoria-Gasteiz.- FERRETETERÍA ARA S.C. Paula Montal, 24.
CÁCERES- ISABEL M. LAZARO GALAN. Gomez Becerra, 14. Cáceres.- IDEA OLIVERA. Avda. Alfonso VII, 50. Coria.- IDEA OLIVERA. Avda. Constitución, 19. Ctra. Trujillo s/n.  Plasencia.- MUEBLES FERNANDEZ. 13 De la Vera Avenue.
GIRONA- COMERCIAL LLEVANT. Avda. Montserrat, 12. Roses.- JOSE JUNQUERA FABREGA. San Rafael, 1. Olot.- FERRETERÍA MASSANET. Salvador Espriu, 12 Bajo.  Maçanet de la Selva.- CASA ROS. Carrer Ample, 13. Blanes.
LEÓN- FERRETERÍA LEONESA. Avda. Mariano Andres, 93. León.- DAYBES. Las Eras, 10. San Justo De la Vega.- FERRETERÍA GUFER. Doctor Fleming Avda. 24, León.- FERRETERÍA EL CRUCERO. Quevedo Avda. 23, León.
MADRID- FERRETERIA TESLA. Clara del Rey, 17. Madrid.- OUTLET DREAMS TODO TIPO DE REGALOS. Santa María de la Cabeza, 20. Madrid.- FERRETERÍA VENECIA. Avda. Colmenarj Viejo, 5 (S. Los Pintores).  Tres Cantos.- ARRIBAS EQUIPAMIENTOS HOSTELEROS. Empecinado, 11. Móstoles.- JUAN LORENZO LAMAGRANDE. Virgen del Val, 22.

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There are few things at home in which the good condition of the equipment is so essential to achieve good results.  Frying pans are a good example, along with kitchen knives, as we recently told you. The recommendation of cooks is that they should be kept in perfect condition, to prevent food from sticking.  Renovation is essential.
When talking about non-stick pans, there is a tendency to confuse concepts. The material from which the pan is made is not the same as that of the coating, which prevents food from sticking to the bottom of this kitchen utensil. In this sense, we should not speak of ceramic or titanium frying pans, but of ceramic or titanium coating.
A quality non-stick frying pan has several layers. This ensures that the material does not flake off with use (a seven-layer pan will last longer than a two-layer pan). Some models also have a coating on the outside, a feature that facilitates cleaning.

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Do you have the pans at home to change? Are they so bald that you can’t even make a fried egg? Don’t throw them away yet, you may have a solution for a few more weeks. You just need to do a very simple kitchen trick.
The bad use of frying pans makes the Teflon last very little time. We tend to use a lot of scouring pads and detergents. Sometimes the remains of the food we have cooked are very stuck and dry. In these cases it is necessary to have a little patience and leave the pans to soak instead of scraping. Another mistake we make is to use kitchen utensils and metal spoons. These scrapers scratch the Teflon until an encirclement is created in the pan where all the food ends up sticking and it is very difficult to cook in it. It is better to use wooden or silicone utensils.
To make your frying pans last longer, try to use soft sponges for cleaning and do not wash them with each use. If for example we have only made a French omelette we can wipe it with a napkin and leave it for another use.

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Likewise, anyone entering these facilities must wear personal protective equipment to gain access to any of its rooms, where around a hundred qualified professionals work in the different shifts to prepare the 1,700 meals a day.
The staff uses large tilting frying pans, kettles to make broths, creams and stews; traditional kitchen with fires, fryers and irons; a dietary cabinet for products for people with allergies or celiac disease. Also traditional ovens «that are real intelligent kitchens», explained Iniesta.
The itinerary followed by the products leads to the next units of this circuit for two types of production. One is «the hot line, where what is cooked is put on a lathe and kept at more than 65 degrees, to be eaten on the day, as required by health regulations».

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