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Let’s talk about gotrendier : how does it work ?

If you start selling considerably throughout Europe we may find ourselves with the obligation to register with the German, French, Italian, and British tax agencies (who knows what happens after Brexit), and declare the taxes for sales made in each country.
The way to sell is the same as if you do it in the national territory except that you can not charge VAT, because between EU countries VAT is not charged, and the various administrations are responsible for balancing their accounts. The problem is that if you are a self-employed person subject to withholdings, you pay the VAT to your supplier and you will only recover it when you file your income tax return. This is not the case for companies that file a VAT return and can deduct what they have paid but not collected.
From my own experience they will look for ALL types of vendors. And if you have to pay in each country, you have to know that you have to pay every month, all the vat of the invoicing of the country of destination. As you normally do not deduct anything, you have to pay 100% of the destination vat of all invoices.

If i sell online i have to pay taxes

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Yes, [mention]PorDana[/mention] of those there are many, that yours as it is to throw I will not pay but then you see their ads and say, really?you ask for your Pepe jeans t-shirt 2003 sobered 70 euros and do not want to pay for something 500 more than the same … cool. I love the double standards…
[AgentCarter[/mention] , I answered something similar for a new dress with label that in store was worth I don’t know how much, I told her to go and buy it, I don’t even know what she answered, I don’t even care. And then in her closet more expensive used dresses, consistency not found. Levis t-shirts are now about 25 or so, at least one of Snoopy that I bought, I think they used to be (or I remembered) more expensive.

Vender en vinted hacienda online

Wallapop, Vinted, MilAnuncios… The buying and selling platforms are the perfect place to get a few extra euros with everything you do not use. As in any transaction, it can lead to the payment of taxes, also in the 2020 income tax return for those who are not professionals.
The determining factor is whether a capital gain has been achieved with the sale, as when selling shares in a company. «What is declared in this type of operation is the gain derived from the sale,» explains Paula Urcera, head of taxation at TaxDown.
«It is calculated by the difference between the sale value and the purchase value, removing the expenses associated with the transaction from each of them,» she details. As an example, if something was bought for 10 euros, sold for 30 and a commission of 1 euro is paid to the platform, it will be taxed in the IRPF for the 19 euros of profit.
But in second-hand portals this is not usual. Sales are at a loss, for a lower value than what was paid to buy it. In those cases, it is not taxed. «They cannot be included in the declaration, since the norm considers them as losses derived from consumption», continues the expert.

Vender en vinted hacienda 2022

La Agencia Tributaria española ha dictaminado que cualquier persona que venda bienes de segunda mano por Internet está obligada a pagar impuestos, incluso si se trata de una venta única. Asegúrese de declararlo, porque Hacienda va a relacionar la información proporcionada por mercados online como EBay, Wallapop o Amazon para atrapar a los evasores de impuestos….
María Caserio se muda y quiere deshacerse de sus objetos personales. Como es la primera vez que vende, crea cuentas de vendedor en mercados online como EBay y para deshacerse de sus cosas viejas. Vende sus viejos libros, su colección de CD, varios muebles, una bicicleta y algunos adornos por un valor total de 750 euros. A continuación, cierra sus cuentas de vendedor y se concentra en su mudanza.
Pero si María no presenta inmediatamente un formulario especial de impuestos y declara los impuestos debidos por los 750 euros en su declaración anual de la renta de ese año, podría encontrarse con una desagradable sorpresa en el correo cuando Hacienda encuentre su registro de ventas declarado por los mercados online, y emita una regularización fiscal automática con penalización por retraso en el pago…..

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