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The motor is his passion and the sale and rental of motorhomes, his business. From his company Yakart, named after his son Yago and karting, the Galician Antonio Jul offers motorhomes of all types and conditions. Among his most famous operations is the recent sale of a premium vehicle for 550,000 euros or the rental of one of his motorhomes to the driver Fernando Alonso, whom he knows personally. An advocate of travel in caravans as a formula for bringing families together, Jul stresses that caravanning tourism is the one that offers the greatest security in times of pandemics.
It is 11 meters long and has a 300-horsepower Mercedes engine. It is a premium, high-end vehicle. Other Concorde we sell are 8.50 meters long and have a 210-horsepower Iveco engine.
-That was at Le Mans in 2019. Fernando Alonso drove a Concorde premium motorhome, which has a Smart car in the back. He spent the whole week with that motorhome of ours. A son of mine and I were there and watched the race.

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Yakart Autocaravanas is dedicated to the sale and rental of motorhomes, as well as offering complementary services such as parking, workshop or areas for motorhomes.area, workshop, store and rental of motorhomes, caravans, camper and used vehicles.we have a fleet of motorhomes from 3 to 7 seats for rent, the latest models on the market and with all the most modern elements, both in security and in control. We have a large specialized workshop and a store where you will find a wide variety of accessories for your motorhome and accessories for the world of caravaning.within our facilities include a motorhome area, where you can make use of the service of emptying gray water, current for battery charging, cleaning service, etc.INFÓRMATE

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One of the most popular forms of travel is the motorhome. It offers independence and, thanks to the new and spectacular models on the market, very, very comfortable. This feeling of carrying «the house on your back» has the advantage that the tourist can leave the door of his house and take the road to any destination, without the eternal worry of finding a hotel.
And the fact is that renting is one of the main activities of the Yakart house. There are many Asturians who come to Galicia to rent their motorhomes for the vacations and count on Yakart for the confidence it offers them.

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The motorhome has become a perfect option for those who want to travel the world without having to give up the comforts of home. But the concept of «premium motorhome» goes much further. Exclusivity on wheels is possible, including any whim the customer may have.
Its technological development is the basis of a history full of successes, innovative milestones and a passion for motorhomes. Concorde is a symbol of quality and comfort. The eight models that make up its range are: Credo, Carver, Charisma, Cruiser Daily, Cruiser Eurocargo, Cruiser Atego, Liner Plus and Centurion.
One of its most popular premium models is the Concorde Charisma 920g. A luxurious interior, perfect finishes and the most modern driving equipment come together in this model that continues to embody all the values that the brand has always stood for: innovation, precision and passion.
Yakart Autocaravanas, located in San Vicente del Raspeig, has facilities of more than 1,400 m2. There is room for the whole world of motorhomes: caravans, motorhomes and camper vans, both new and second-hand. In addition to rental, own maintenance workshop and sale of accessories.

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