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This is why more and more people have installed the Via-T in their vehicles, a device that allows them to pass through the toll booths of the highways without stopping. Stopping once is not a drama either, but it is always a pleasure to enter a lane that does not usually have queues and where we do not have to stop, just slow down. Not to mention saving us the hassle of having money or card at hand and keep the ticket without wasting too much time.
It only works on the A-63 (Biriatu – St. Géours de Maréenme) and A-64 (Baiona -Lestelle) freeways, but not with all devices.  LABORAL Kutxa’s Via-T is interoperable on French highways. On other freeways or on those where the Via-T does not operate due to any incident, it will be necessary to pay the amount with another means of payment.
Users who need an invoice can request it from Bidegi, because the Gipuzkoa infrastructure agency is in charge of invoicing on behalf of the French entity for these transits.
As in Portugal, and to ensure that there is no double charging, you should not carry both devices (Via-T + Liber-t Océan) in the same vehicle when passing through a toll road where the service is valid. If the case arises, the transit will be charged by means of the two devices, given the automatism of the lane.

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We do not know if you will get rid of the toll roads in the neighboring country, but as it is better to be safe than sorry and because we are aware of the complicity of the toll roads in Portugal, the safest way to avoid fines on your return is to drive with a Via-T in Portugal.
Both toll sections have receivers placed in arches or antennas that will allow you to pay with your Via-T in Portugal when entering and exiting the section without the need to use the electronic system Easytoll or Tollcard. In addition, none of them have barriers, so you will not have to stop, although you will have to drive at less than 60 km/h. It is advisable to link the vehicle license plate with your Via T for the payment of the Portuguese highways and thus avoid possible fines related to a bad reading of our electronic toll device when passing through one of the arches.
The best thing to do before leaving on a trip with your car is to calculate the amount of tolls you will have on the way. Whether it is a trip with friends or as a couple, calculate the tolls that you will encounter on the highways of Portugal


Easter is approaching and, with it also begins the season of getaways, good weather, vacations and long weekends. For this reason, and because we know that it is very necessary to disconnect from the routine, we encourage you to prepare your car and go on a road trip in our neighboring country: Portugal.
To travel on this type of toll highways it is necessary to have an electronic toll device or Via-T in your car, you will avoid fines and headaches. You will identify this type of freeway by the green signs.
Originally, this type of highway was intended for free transit in Portugal as it connects to several points in the cities. However, the SCUT highways are currently toll roads and a way was found to avoid the toll booths and also to avoid possible traffic jams.
To be sure that you are driving on the right road, the best solution is to place a Via-T system in your car and link it with the license plate.  In this way, the toll collection will be automatic and you will not have to be aware of which road is the toll road or the free road.


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